Sohrab ‘Bob’ Saviss

Orange County Half Marathon 2019

By: Shana Saviss

My Father absolutely loved his wife of 40 years and his grandchildren were the light of his life. He escaped the Iranian revolution in 1985 and came to America. He got married to Elahe Saviss and had three daughters and 4 grandchildren. He lived and breathed for his kids and grandkids and was the best grandpa and father!

He was always polite and respectful to whomever he met and never treated anyone poorly. He loved his weekly walks with his friends in Franklin Canyon and absolutely loved playing backgammon. He was always the first to donate his time, energy and resources to those in need. 

My father was diagnosed March 29, 2018 and fought hard for 8 months.

When you make a donation in support of pancreatic cancer research, you’re helping the Hirshberg Foundation and our researchers get closer to a cure. Funding scientific advances and programs for patients and families helps provide resources today and offers hope for a cancer-free world in the future.

Jennifer Mola