Roberto Rios

Modesto Marathon 2019


By: Mari Rios-O’Brien, Sister                            

Hardworking, motivated, thoughtful, loving and caring are a few of the qualities that made my broth Robert Rios special. My brother was my father figure since my dad passed. He was my mentor, educator, supporter, counselor, motivator and even my taxman!He wasgenerous, good-hearted and he took every one of his siblings, nieces, nephews employees and his East Los Angeles community under his wing. He did everything he could to motivate others, especially individuals who were troubled and high risk. He helped them set goals and strive to live meaningful lives. He was the greatest mentor and father figure to us all. My mom was his #1 priority and together the RIOS Bunch succeeded in every way, shape and form because of their drive, desire, dedication and determination! Rigo was the best brother, son, niño, father, uncle, friend and person. For that we are blessed, grateful and thankful.            

Julie wants to dedicate her next race to your loved one!Every race in 52 Races for 52 Faces will be dedicated to someone who is or has courageously fought pancreatic cancer.

When you dedicate a race, share your story and help raise money for research you’re showing the world that the fight against pancreatic cancer is not about the devastating statistics – it’s about the courageous people battling this disease. Their faces and their stories inspire us to keep fighting every day! 

Jennifer Mola