Rachel Neutzling

San Francisco Marathon 2019

Carmen and Rach.jpg

By: Grace Lynch

I am dedicating a race to my friend and pancreatic cancer survivor, Rachel Neutzling. Rachel is one of the most giving, compassionate, and positive people I know. She is a school teacher at Rocori Middle School, and her heart for her students continues to grow bigger and bigger. You will always hear Rachel remind those around her to “live life on purpose” – this is her motto.  She’s always done that, even before her diagnosis.   

Rachel and my niece Carmen had a bond between them that I can't explain. When Carmen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2001, Rachel came back to Georgia from her life in Minnesota to help take care of her.  They loved each other more than sisters. Rachel was later diagnosed in December 2018, 17 years after losing her best friend and my niece Carmen to pancreatic cancer in 2001.

I am happy to say, Rachel is doing well, and I am blown away by her positivity. She is the most positive person I know, and if anyone can beat this disease, I believe it's her!

When you make a donation in support of pancreatic cancer research, you’re helping the Hirshberg Foundation and our researchers get closer to a cure. Funding scientific advances and programs for patients and families helps provide resources today and offers hope for a cancer-free world in the future.

Jennifer Mola