Maurice Weiss

Rock into August Race 2019

By: Julie Weiss    

My dad, Maurice Weiss, loved the beach. He loved riding his bike on the beach, especially after a rainstorm when the air was clean and crisp. He also loved taking his trumpet to play it out on the sand.  Sometimes I would run into him on a run, he was my biggest supporter and fan, so I still think about him every time I am out there running after the rain.  It's pretty emotional. I tear up every time.          

Monday August 5th would have been my Dad's 84th birthday.  So, my next race, #21 of 52, is for him. He was a musician first, stockbroker and then he started acting in his 70's.  He loved people and would talk to anyone.  He loved to travel and took us on many family vacations. He loved taking us on adventures. He wasn't the warm fuzzy type, but he was brilliant.  He was super smart and passionate in business, politics and of course music.  As the musician and song writer Dan Fogelberg put it, "I am just a living legacy to the leader of the band" and that’s what he was, larger than life and the leader of the band.  

In the book I wrote, The Miles and Trials of a Marathon Goddess, I share this dedication:

To my Dad, Maurice Weiss. For his hutzpah, charisma and inspiration. A man who did it his way and showed me how to do it mine. He lived his truth. Thank you, papa, for your enthusiastic spirit. While I didn’t always appreciate it, I sure do now. I wish I could have saved you, I tried. So now I try to save others. When you died, I couldn’t let you go, so I found the part of me that is you. In my running, you became my voice. I will continue to use that voice, so we can have a future where no one should ever have to face a diagnosis like yours and can have a fighting chance. Thank you for being you. While you weren’t a perfect father, you sure showed me how to live. I am eternally grateful for your wisdom, your spirit and love. I will carry it on forever.

My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on October 18, 2010 and passed away November 24, 2010.                

When you make a donation in support of pancreatic cancer research, you’re helping the Hirshberg Foundation and our researchers get closer to a cure. Funding scientific advances and programs for patients and families helps provide resources today and offers hope for a cancer-free world in the future.

Jennifer Mola