Lupe Romero

LA Marathon 2019


Julie Weiss “Marathon Goddess’ is dedicating her first race of 52 Races for 52 Faces - the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon - to her beloved friend Lupe Romero- De La Cruz. Mary "Lupe" Romero lived life fully and redefined bravery for the pancreatic cancer community. Hers is a story of resilience, faith, family and community. Lupe was a 7 year pancreatic cancer survivor and an avid runner who crossed the finish line with Julie at the LA Marathon after beating pancreatic cancer the first out of three times.Even as life threw more challenges her way, Lupe proved to us all that the sky’s the limit when she led a group of pancreatic cancer survivors on a sky dive to celebrate life and raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. She inspired countless patients with her positive attitude and faith - she will be a driving force motivating Julie today and throughout the 52 Races for 52 Faces challenge.

Julie wants to dedicate her next race to your loved one!Every race in 52 Races for 52 Faces will be dedicated to someone who is or has courageously fought pancreatic cancer.

When you dedicate a race, share your story and help raise money for research you’re showing the world that the fight against pancreatic cancer is not about the devastating statistics – it’s about the courageous people battling this disease. Their faces and their stories inspire us to keep fighting every day! 

Jennifer Mola