Jessica Mack

Kauai Marathon 2019

Jessica Mack.jpeg

By: Lynn Jenkins                  

Jessica Mack and I were best friends in high school and later “Facebook friends” for several years. After her diagnosis in July of 2018, I started texting her and providing the best support I could. I flew to Seattle to see her twice and in October we even went and saw For King and Countryin concert. She was so strong and courageous with a smile on her face even as she endured everything she went through.

In December her sister had a huge last birthday celebration. She had the support of her wonderful family, friends and coworkers. She was a teacher and shirts were made that said #TeamMack. With her last chemotherapy she lost her hair and the students in the school where she taught were able to wear hats on Tuesdays.

Jessica is missed every day by her loved ones.

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