Jamie Mohrmann

Revel Marathon 2019

By: Crystal Mohrmann

My mom was my best friend and she was amazing. She fought pancreatic cancer and she did it with grace and love. Even in the midst of the hardest experience she ever had to go through, she still focused on loving others and being present for those who loved her. She was the kind of person who encouraged everyone and loved everyone fiercely. Her love was truly unconditional. She had more faith than anyone I knew. She felt that her diagnosis and the things she went through were part of God’s plan for her life.

My mom didn’t let pancreatic cancer stop her. She loved Christmas and that woman had enough Christmas decorations to fill a small mansion...twice. She was also the most giving and selfless person I have ever known. People say that when their loved one dies because they want to see the best in them, but it is and was 100% true with my mom. She was the best person I’ve ever known and the world was a better place with her in it. 

She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of April and passed away that same year, in just over 4 months.            

When you make a donation in support of pancreatic cancer research, you’re helping the Hirshberg Foundation and our researchers get closer to a cure. Funding scientific advances and programs for patients and families helps provide resources today and offers hope for a cancer-free world in the future.


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