Carmen Reyes

A Better World Running Long Beach 2019

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By: Grace Lynch

I’m dedicating a race to my niece Carmen Reyes. Carmen was full of life and could accomplish anything she set her mind to. I will always remember Carmen being young and vibrant with a gorgeous smile! She was an amazing person who was loved by her entire family and her friends. 

Carmen was courageous throughout her battle, she loved her family dearly and her greatest joy in life was her daughter, Ashlynn. She was a young, single mom who was diagnosed in November 2001 at age 26 and passed away 4 1/2 months later. When Carmen was diagnosed, her best friend Rachel traveled to Georgia from her life in Minnesota to help take care of Carmen.  They loved each other more than sisters. There was a bond between them that I can't explain. At the end of 2018, Rachel received her own diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and I have dedicated a race to Rachel too

More than 17 years after Carmen’s diagnosis, I can still say that her death doesn't feel real to me.  We will never forget her and we are all committed to keeping her memory alive, especially for her daughter, Ashlynn. I miss her dearly.

When you make a donation in support of pancreatic cancer research, you’re helping the Hirshberg Foundation and our researchers get closer to a cure. Funding scientific advances and programs for patients and families helps provide resources today and offers hope for a cancer-free world in the future.

Jennifer Mola