Bob Baker

Great Race of Augora Hills 2019


By: Tina Alstatt, Daughter

My dad was known by everyone in our community it seemed like. He never met a stranger and always showed people he was interested. I think that’s why everyone felt like he was their friend. He taught me how to befriend everyone too! That’s part of what made him special in my eyes.

He wore many hats during his lifetime. He owned his own dry cleaners for many years and got to know sports figures, the entire police department, and more. After he closed his dry cleaning business he tried a few other jobs before becoming a school custodian at the school where my mom spent her career as a Kindergarten teacher. My Dad came from nothing and worked tirelessly to give his children and wife the life he didn’t have growing up. He worked day and night to provide for his family.

He loved his grandchildren with all of his heart and soul. 

He also was a member of the Independence 76 club. They were mostly firemen, who worked to bring back some of the old fire trucks and raise money for firefighters. He spent 2 decades driving a vintage fire truck in parades, for elementary schools, and other community events. When my Dad was in the ICU during his final days, those firemen drove the Mighty Seagrave (the truck he was known for driving) to park it outside his window so he could see it one last time. In a tribute that was usually only given to honor fire fighters, my dad was given his last ride to his final resting place on board the Mighty Seagrave. My siblings and I rode with his casket on back of the fire truck to the cemetery. We passed by the elementary school where teachers and students stood outside, hand over their hearts, as we drove past. 

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